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In this project, my theme of the information that I wanted to apply was the housing crisis across the world.

As I got to do more research, I knew I wanted to include the topics of having the housing crisis in Dublin, Ireland, and the plans that they planned to…

Didot Research

Who designed it?

French brothers Firmin Didot and Pierre Didot created this font during the 18th century. They came from a family of printers that grew up in Paris. They were also the family that was among the first to set up a printing pressing in Greece.

What classification foes…

PART 1: E1

Practicing tracing some fonts and understanding the differences in motion and weight in the fonts.

Some smudges; thought about adding some floral garnishes to accent the smears.

PART 1: E2

I used the words trust, bright, and serendipity.

In my 25 sketches, I used five boxes each for each word. The themed words were order, tension, congestion, playfulness, and comfort. Using only solid black boxes, size and arrangement were varied to invoke the emotion of each theme. …


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