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Experiment 3, Part 2: Type + Hierarchy

Didot Research

Who designed it?

French brothers Firmin Didot and Pierre Didot created this font during the 18th century. They came from a family of printers that grew up in Paris. They were also the family that was among the first to set up a printing pressing in Greece.

What classification foes it fall under?

It falls under the category of modern, or Didone. Didone is a genre of serif typeface that emerged in the late 18th century around French culture.

Was it created for a specific purpose of context?

This font was inspired by John Baskerville’s experimentation with increasing stroke contrast and a more condensed armature or figure.

Are there any features that set it apart?

The font was intended to look elegant and was able to dazzle readers. The sturdy and thicker ‘thin’ strokes created a look that portrayed neat and graceful legibility.

Curating Content

Didot iterations

I also started to make one digital iteration

But I then switched to the paper iterations for my eyes.

I ended up going towards the directions with having the initials of Firmin Didot as the background to display the aesthetics of the font in F and D.

Because the fonts looked too stiff, I played with the sizing and orientation of the letters.

I chose the left one as the final because I wanted a subtle and more dramatic look.